aa.org – Alcoholics Anonymous- help for those with a drinking problem.

bereavedparentsusa.org  – Provides support for bereaved families.

drugrehab.com – Changing lives through addiction care and education.

elementsbehavioralhealth.com – Conquer your addiction. Create the life you always wanted. Call now.

fellowshipofchristianfirefighters.com – Resources and devotionals for first responders.

gotquestions.org – Over half a million Bible questions are answered on this site.

Iamsecond.com – Biblical solutions to life’s struggles.

icisf.org – International Critical Incident Stress Foundation offers a process that enables peers to help their peers understand problems that might occur after an event.

safecallnow.org – 24 hr. confidential crisis referral service for first responders.

serveprotect.org – Confidential trauma services for first responders.

survivorsofsuicide.com – Help for those who have lost a loved one to suicide.

therecoveryvillage.com – resources for first responders struggling with substance abuse and co-occurring disorders

youversion.com – The most downloaded Bible app in the world.