Michael McDowell, NASCAR Cup Series Driver

I have known Lonnie for over 10 years. He has invested, equipped and encouraged me in my walk with Christ.  He has been a true friend and mentor through the highs and lows of my personal and NASCAR life. Showing by action he displayed what it looks like to authentically live out your faith. I watched Lonnie, Angela and their 3 children at the time sell all their possession, move to Monterrey, Mexico and care for the least of these. It was a true testament of their faith, commitment and heart for the Kingdom. I am not surprised at all that the Lord has put them on the front line to love, support and bring hope to our first responders.

Dr. Tim Griffin, VP of Student Affairs, Grand Canyon University

I have known Lonnie since 1998 and have counted him as both a professional colleague and a personal friend. He has always demonstrated a servant’s heart regardless of the situation that he has found himself. I believe he will leave and indelible mark on all those he serves in the first responder community. I am excited to see what God will do in this new and important ministry organization that will support the courageous men and women who serve the greater good in our neighborhoods, towns and cities.

Colby Taylor, Kannapolis Fire Department, Kannapolis, North Carolina

I’ve had the privilege of knowing Lonnie for about 20 years. As long as I’ve known him he has had the heart to serve! He always has the gospel in mind in whatever he is doing.  I remember when I was younger and going to youth group, he would do anything he could for me, my brother, and for any other student in that ministry. He was selfless, caring, and passionate about telling everyone about Jesus! To me, Lonnie is a perfect example of “owning your faith”. As a firefighter for Kannapolis, Fire I’m so lucky to have this guy in a ministry where people need hope; where people need light in what could potentially be a career that could lead to darkness if it weren’t for ministries like this one!

Phil Long, Harrisburg Fire Department, Harrisburg, North Carolina

I have been blessed to know Lonnie since we started going to church together in the late 90’s. Also, I have had the opportunity to work side by side with him when we were both Youth Pastors. Lonnie is a selfless man who is always willing to minister to those in need and meet them right where they are. For as long as I have known him, Lonnie has always showed the Love of Christ with all those he has come in contact with.

Frank Mercer, President, FireChaplain.org

I’ve had the privilege of knowing Lonnie Clouse for over 20 years as his pastor, his partner in ministry and his friend. In that time, he has consistently demonstrated a heart to serve Jesus by serving others. Lonnie has a charismatic personality, people find him immensely likable, yet he serves with gentleness and humility. He’s quick with a smile and an encouraging word, but he has a way of digging deep into the pain of others and helping them discover a path out of their personal darkness. I know that, with Lonnie at the helm, First Responder Ministry will be incredibly effective in the public safety community and that’s good news because even heroes need a helping hand.

Dean Plumlee, SonLife Ministry

I met Lonnie in 1990.  Back then he was a passionate man that loved God and loved people.  He was eager to serve others and had endless amount energy.  Time has only improved him as he continues to serve others and live out the life of Jesus.



Kyle Froman, Founding Chaplain, Chaplain Collective

Having had the opportunity to serve alongside Lonnie Clouse in varying environments both domestically and internationally, I have come to deeply respect his heart to care for others as well as the level of excellence for which he serves.  Throughout the years, to me, Lonnie has been a mentor, a co-laborer, a spiritual advisor and most significantly a friend. He understands and moves to the rhythms of Jesus in an authentic, personal and contagious way. Lonnie’s life is a spark, igniting peace, hope, joy and truth in an ever-dimming society.