Hunting, Fishing and Trapping

This should be an an exciting weekend.  I head to Bland Virginia today to speak at a Sportsman’s banquet on Friday and Saturday evening.  900 men will be assembled to eat some wild game dishes and tell some tales about all their outdoor excursions over the past season.  I am sure that I will hear all about the massive 20 point buck and humungous 20 pound bass that just barely escaped the clutches of death…
I have very little hunting and fishing experience and have not had a lot of success as you can see from the pictures but there is something that I am very excited about.  I have the privilege to share the mission of First Responders 1st and I also have the opportunity to invite these men into a personal relationship with the greatest First Responder of all time.  That would be none other than Jesus Christ himself.  He is the one who showed up when mankind was facing his largest crisis ever and Christ made the ultimate sacrifice for our safety and security. This is the greatest story of all time and there is absolutely nothing fabricated or no exaggerations.
Please pray for me as I share with these men and also as I have the opportunity to stick around and preach in a local church there in Virginia on Sunday morning.  I want to thank each and every one of you for your unwavering prayer and financial support.  It amazes me to see how God is impacting the lives of our First Responders. It truly is an honor to serve those who serve and protect our communities.  Be sure to pray for your local First Responders today.

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