Local officers arrive at scene of school chaos…

The officers of CMPD showed up to Bradford Prep School not knowing what to expect. Their commanding officer kept it a secret, and we coordinated a load of love for the officers!  They received

over 6,000 goodies thanks to a partnership between Bradford Prep School and First Responders 1st.  On Monday, April 30th the students of BPS were waiting outside with the donated items and surprised the officers.  They had spelled out CMPD with the items in the parking lot, and the officers were very grateful. Some of the items included drinks, energy bars, candy, gum, etc.  After a formal presentation and a short speech on how much the officers mean to us… We loaded up 4 SUV police cruisers and our minivan and drove all the items to the substation.  The rest of the officers and detectives helped carry in all the snacks and the office was buzzing with excitement. Angela and I were very appreciative to have the honor to participate.

I want to thank the school administrator, Kelly Painter, for partnering with FR1 and making this event happen.  If you live in the Greater Charlotte area and want to do something similar, then please reach out to me and we can try and coordinate a similar event.  Thanks to everyone for your continued support of our first responders.
Here is a small snippet of a thank you that one of the commanding officers emailed to us.

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