Santa Fe School Shooting

My heart aches for the people of Santa Fe Texas. It has been been an honor to share in their grief and walk alongside of them for the past 5 days. I have many memories that I will take from this experience. It was challenging to pray with a freshman from the school who lost 3 of her friends in the shooting. It was bittersweet to hear stories of a fellow student who stood in front of a door to protect his classmates from the shooter only to lose his life with a gunshot through the door. Difficult to hear a father tell me about a teacher who pushed his daughter to safety and his daughter looked behind only to see her teacher lying on the ground after being shot. Tough to see groups of teenagers that are my kids ages standing around and crying at the memorials that represent their their friends lives. Heart-wrenching to hear of police officers responding who rushed into the school where their children attended and put their lives on the line and still wish that there was more that they could have done. 

The highlight for me was being able to come into the Santa Fe Police Dept and being granted permission to act as a chaplain for the department. It was especially amazing to share this function with a CMPD officer who is also a BGEA chaplain. As I sit here at the airport with misty eyes, I am reminded how God has placed each one of us in a specific environment for a period of time to minister to those around us. May we not waste any opportunities that the Lord gives us today. 


I want to thank each of you for your prayer and financial support. We are living in perilous days and our First Responders are in desperate need of our support. Carpe Diem.

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