Emotional & Spiritual Support

  1. A First Responder chaplain is able and willing to provide emotional and spiritual support to coworkers who request it, and will be available to assist coworkers on and off duty. Chaplains may be contacted directly by a coworker when a need arises. The department will provide telephone and email contact information for each police chaplain. The chaplain will be available 24/7 to coworkers.

Chaplain Services

  1. Provide confidential support and counseling to coworkers. A chaplain can help to resolve a problem before the problem ruins a marriage, embarrasses the department, or ends a coworker’s professional career or even his/her life.
  2. Provide support in crisis situations. Such support may be requested by the coworker-experiencing crisis or by a coworker who has a genuine concern for the coworker in crisis.
  3. Visit a sick or injured coworker in the hospital or at his/her residence; or, a seriously injured or sick member of the coworker’s immediate family at the request of the coworker.
  4. Assist in providing death notifications and be available to support bereaved family members following a homicide, suicide, accidental death, traffic fatality, etc.
  5. Assist SWAT or negotiators during a call-out. Sometimes a faith-based connection to an individual in crisis can make a positive difference in the outcome of the situation.
  6. Provide grief counseling or other counseling services, understanding of course that serious situations may be referred to clinical specialists.

A Ministry of Presence

  1. Participate in ceremonial or special events by providing non-denominational prayer or an uplifting message.
  2. Provide sources of emotional or spiritual encouragement, which may include devotionals, classes on marriage, parenting, family disputes, finances, etc.
  3. Perform weddings, funerals and memorial services.